Green pro Quo is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog created on January of 2015 in addition to the Youtube channel GreenproQuo.
This blog features many different subjects, from beauty to fashion, music and lifestyle, traveling, product reviews, makeup tips, tutorials, styling tips, diy , and whatever else I feel like writing.


My name is Eirini, but most people know me by Absinthe Green
I am a musician and PR practitioner from Greece, from where I left a few years ago and moved to Germany for professional reasons, as I continued my musical career as bass player in an international act.
Music plays one of the most important roles in my life and many of my decisions and path choices were based on or influenced from it, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the places I’ve been or the people I’ve met along the way.
Except from the huge part that music plays in my life, another passion and creative outlet for me is beauty and fashion. I am a makeup addict, a shoe/bags/ accessories hoarder, antiques collector and I love to create my own style.

For me beauty is so much more than skin deep. I don’t care about beauty standards and I believe that real beauty is reflected from the inside. I don’t follow fashion trends, I take what I like and what inspires me.
I love traveling, creating,learning new things, and collecting experiences and I would love to share with you all these fragments of my life.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to comment and show interest in the things I blog and make videos about, and I will continue doing it, as long as you want to read me and watch me.
Don’t hesitate to find me on my different social media listed below, or contact me here regarding any questions, suggestions etc.

Love and Rock’n Roll