Black Summer

I have compiled a lookbook video (here) of five different outfits for summer, that the weather here in Germany allows me to wear.

Despite the fact that I cannot stand the heat, even when I am in Greece I am always black clad, with minor exceptions, like when my crazy partner had me hiking uphill to see some ancient sights for hours, despite it was 40 C degrees outside. Needless to say, even though I was wearing a white tee, layered sunscreen and hat, I still managed to get itchy rashes all over my arms and chest. Fun!

I hope you enjoy the video with the outfits I put together for you, and  feel free to let me know how you darklings are surviving the Summer!
outfit moon

the moon

Lunar Dress: KILLSTAR here

Black premium Vest: EMP here

Back patches: POISON APPLE here

Bag: KILLSTAR here

Boots: MISSGUIDED (old)

Jewelry: RESTYLE here

Hat: FOREVER 21 similar here

Oversized round shades: CHEAP MONDAY here

outfit pentacle

the pentacle

Nightshade Kimono: DISTURBIA here

Crop top: AMAZON

High waisted leggings: TALLY WEIJL

Witchcraft Clutch: DISTURBIA here

Hat: H&M

Hoop earrings: OLD SKULL here

Shades: ZERO UV here

‘Satan says’ Platforms: CURRENT MOOD here

Coffin ring: TORTURE COUTURE here

outfit spider

the spider

Hopeless Necromantic tee: BLACK SANCTUARY here

Black vinyl Collar: SALEM COUTURE here

Skirt: KREEPSVILLE 666 here

Waist belt: old

Bag: KREEPSVILLE 666 here

Horror rings: FIEND BOUTIQUE here

Fishnet tights: generic

Shades: ZERO UV here

Over the knee boots: PUBLIC DESIRE here

outfit bat

the bat

Batty Dress: IRON FIST here

Waist belt: old

Amulet of Possession Choker: ROGUE AND THE WOLF here

Carpe Noctem Bat hair clip: RESTYLE here

Large oval bat ring: FIEND BOUTIQUE here

Metallic Bat ring: OLD SKULL here

Shades: ZERO UV here

Fishnet tights: generic

Platforms: PUBLIC DESIRE here

outfit noose

the noose

Harness Dress: RESTYLE here



Bag: BULLET (Dortmund)

Immortal kist poison  ring: ALCHEMY ENGLAND here

O- ring bracelet: FOREVER 21

Fishnet tights: generic

Platforms: PUBLIC DESIRE here


This is the lookbook video:


calligraphyc signature smallest



  1. July 9, 2016 / 23:01

    omgg you are just amazing my babe! love all these <3

    • Green
      July 10, 2016 / 09:55

      Thank you my love <3

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