Cruel Intentions- Outfit of the Day

Every time I meet with my friend Kasha, we always end up doing something creative together. Be it  videos for our channels, taking photos in weird locations in the snow or geeking out over our favourite sci-fi and horror films and books , spending time together is always fun, and always ends up devouring vegan chow and discussing about our future projects.

This time we decided to wear some of our favourite Killstar attire (if you’re following my blog and Instagram for some time, you already know this is one of my favourite brands) and went outside to do  a shooting with “school girl” vibes, even though garters and mini skirts are in no way school appropriate outfits, but maybe they could pass in the universe of the highschool in a movie like  Cruel Intentions.

In my Mind crop-Top link

Raging Bondage Mini Skirt link

Noctrina Choker link

 Deep sleep coffin ring link 

Pentagram ring link

Sigil Skull ring link

Omen Sigil Fedora hat link 

Hexellent coffin backpack link 

Malice Platform Trainers link

    Morgue Mistress Crop Top link 

Blaire Bitch Mini Skirt link

 Dragon claw ring link 

Magi Pentagram ring link 

Eternal Eclipse Fedora hat link 

Ika Spiked Backpack  link 

Nancy Platform boots link

You can find Kasha here: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

What are your go-to-outfits for fall?

Tune of the Day: South Winds- Ihsahn





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