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What’s your favourite era? If I had to choose one, it would be with certainty the victorian times. More specifically, victorian London, as portrayed in my favourite books, movies and series. When I first put on the beautiful lace dress from Devil Inspired hereI felt like a mixture of Mina Harker and Vanessa Yves, both characters that are dear to me, and whose wardrobes I’d be thrilled  to raid. I love the flow of this dress, the beautiful different kinds of lace used as well as the chest buckles.IMG_7434


I am currently re-reading two of my favourite gothic novels: Frankenstein, and Dracula,  as I got my hands on these beautiful editions of them I’ve been eyeing for long. And what props they make. As you can tell, I was pretty inspired by Dracula when choosing this pair of sunglasses as well. IMG_7608

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IMG_7428cp black exp I edited this picture in black and white for two reasons: First, I am flirting with getting my hair back to black, my favourite hair colour, and second, I think that my chronic bitch faces gives out Morticia Addams vibes. Or is it just me?


Victorian lace Dress: Sponsored by DEVIL INSPIRED here

‘La Fee Verte’ Necklace: ALCHEMY ENGLAND

‘Adder Bite’ knuckle ring: ALCHEMY ENGLAND via HOUSE OF NEED

Shoes: ASOS (old)

Black Roses Crown: RESTYLE

Sunglasses: ZERO UV

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 Tune of the Day: Daylight Misery- Draconianfiligree-dOWN

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