Sunday’s Blues

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Sunday. This day of the week has always had a special effect on me. There is an inexplicable sadness in this day, and I can smell it in the air, the slow pace of the things evolving around me, the cold breeze that’s slightly moving the dead leaves on the pavement. I feel a sweet sadness on Sundays. Perhaps this is why I always choose to do creative, devotion-demanding things on that day, but somehow this day always manages to reach me with its bittersweet effect on me. This Sunday I wished for snow, so I could film a winter outfit I had in mind. It didn’t snow and still the temperature  was almost 0 to 1 ºC this morning but I decided to film an outfit nevertheless. I headed to Karl Ernst- Osthaus’s former residence -now a museum-, the Hohenhof, a beautiful art nouveau villa, important example of bourgeois Jugendstil architecture in Europe.

IMG_0473 copyThe Hohenhof ‘Museum des Hagener Impulses’: It houses a varied exhibition of works and documents from the period of the Life Reform Movement.

goth chic thumb copyFor that day, I decided to go for a Goth-chic winter date look. This nice felt military-cut coat kept me warm during the cold afternoon.ed1 Under the coat I wore a beautiful fringe cardigan and my deep v-cut top, an admittedly poor choice as I had forgotten my scarf at home.IMG_0431
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IMG_0421 copyA lingering kiss…

IMG_0418 copy The Temptation of Havva
prada bwDetails…
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IMG_0467 copy The tomb.
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Coat: MANGO similar herehere or here
Fringe cardigan: H&M here
High waisted pants: H&M here
Bag: Croc and Chain city bag ZARA here or similar here
Eyeglasses: PRADA ‘Baroque’ 54 mm here
Necklace: ALCHEMY ENGLAND here
Ring: Thrifted
Lips: MAC (Lingering Kiss) from the ‘Novel Romance’ collection here
Nails: OPI ‘Green on the Runway’ here

See my outfit video here:

What are you doing on Sundays? Do you also get the ‘Sunday blues’?


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