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It comes from the Greek word σαρκασμός (sarcasmos):To bite the lips. It means that you aren’t really saying what you mean, but people will get your point. This is one of the reasons I fell in love with this tee from Wear Dinner , and another reason is that it makes one hell of a Monday tee. Middle of April and finally the weather allows -at times- for tees and thin jackets. I like this outfit because it is easy, effortless and brings me back to my teenage years, when tees, garters and biker jackets would be all I’d wear. The jacket I’m wearing is bought off of Nastygal, and I have hand-studded the hell out of it using minimal tools. The patches on it are bought in various different places, and include my absolute favourite metal bands (mostly black metal and DSBM). Even though I don’t want to over-patch this jacket, I can say it’s still work in progress, and I have already dedicated many hours on it, so you could say I am proud of it.



I think that this outfit is perfectly appropriate for all upcoming German festivals of this summer, as it is very comfy, the boots protect from muddy pits and out of control metalheads who mosh and stomp around, and the jacket is great for when the sun sets and it gets chilly. We still haven’t decided which festivals we will visit, but there are many different ones going on in the area where I am living. Are you going to any summer festivals?
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‘Have a nice day’ Tee: WEAR DINNER here

Biker jacket: NASTYGAL and d.i.y


Cross tights: PAMELA MANN

Boots: H&M


Animal print satchel: AMAZON

Belts, Moorhead and skull ring: RAVENTOWN

Shades: thrifted

Choker: old

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Tune of the Day: Healing through War- Fleshgod Apocalypsefiligree-dOWN

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