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If you follow me on my social platforms, you know for sure that Instagram is where I’m most active at, and this is because I love photography and the way one can use visuals to convey a story. In this digital age, I am still printing out my pictures. My photos are my chronicles, my memento mori. Captivated still images that speak to me, flickering in my mind, elucidating memories…


    PRINTL shares the same passion of photography with me. It is a service that prints your 10 most popular Instagram photos every month, focusing on the emotions of each picture.

    I really like the polaroid-format of the pictures, as it travels me back memory lane, when I was first introduced as a kid to a polaroid camera and was fascinated by instant photography. Another thing that impressed me, was the excellent quality of the pictures, as I was very afraid that some pictures that I took with the front camera of my phone, would have ‘noise’ on the print, but that wasn’t the case at all. If you want to try PRINTL out, and immmortalize your Instagram moments, you can use the discount code PRINTL70 which will give you 70% discount for the first month.

PRINTL website:

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