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    I find it chucklesome, how when most people have holidays and time off, for me it’s the time when I appear to be the busiest. Though even if I tried, I could not recall any time when I was particularly benefited by the Time Lords (kudos if you get the reference 😉 ). Today, my partner’s holidays finally commence, so we decided to spend some time just relaxing, drinking some Krombacher Hell, which, en passant sounds much cooler, if one does not speak the German language.

A few days ago it was Maila Nurmi’s birthday, so today I decided to go for a Vampira themed outfit: I am wearing my beautiful and quite comfy Vampira tank top from Black Willow Galleryand I paired it with the Vampira’s Ghoul Gang pendant from Fiend Boutique

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Of course, when Vampira comes to mind, how can one forget her legendary waist? So I decided to wear my loyal plain black corset, which I loosely laced up, as I wanted to be as comfy as it gets. I still remember how I came to own this baby: I got it ages ago, in Helsinki, where a beautiful vampire by the name of Morticia (yes,really) laced me up and had me sit on her sumptuous dragon throne, making me feel like a real princess of Darkness.

And since 2015 is getting ready  to take a dive off of a cliff, one of my new year’s resolutions is to start waist training and cinching again, a habit I kind of neglected with my freelance, -work at home- schedule, because oversized band long sleeves and sweatpants seem somewhat more appealing…IMG_3011 small

 One of my favourite cosmetic creators for 2015 was definitely Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, and no, I am not paid to say that. First of all look at their packaging: Coffins and ouija planchettes, bullets and books of the dead, how can a darkly inclined lady not like all these things? This, as well as the fact that their products are vegan and of great quality indeed, gave them the first place in my heart and everyday routine.
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My quick, go to make-up these days mostly consists of highlighting my brow bone with Invocation,the pale rose  shade at the most left of the Supernatural palette, dabbing Ghoulight on the lid with my finger (the darkest taupe brown shade at the far right), and defining my crease with Spook, which is this beautiful burgundy shade in the middle.IMG_3013 small Can we take a moment to appreciate their lipstick series called ‘Apocalipsticks’, that  are packaged as bullets?

 On the lips I used my favourite fuchsia shade lipstick, called Cinderhella, I darkened the corners of my lips with the Nyx lipliner in 851 ‘Black Berry’, and I muted the centre of my lips with the apocalipstick in ‘RPG’, a beautiful cool toned dusty rose nude shade. If you are interested in a review and swatches of the apocalipsticks, I have filmed a video, you can watch it here.

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The top hat I am wearing is from a past Spooky Box that was sent to me, and my blue circle lenses are from Uniqso(If you want to purchase your own pair of circle lenses, the Uniqso people were kind enough to provide me with the promotion code BASSBITCH for 10% off of your purchase.)

So at long last I’m making some time for the sweet holiday indolence: Series, reads,games and road trip are all figured out and waiting for me to dig in with my loved one.IMG_2952 small

The album I listened on repeat these days while working is Masse Mensch Material, by Rome.

Tune of the Day: Rome-Die Brandstifter


 I hope you have a great holiday with your favourite people and I wish all the best that time can bring you in the new year.


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