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IMG_0329  Many people assume that coming from Greece, means that I am used and happy spending time in the sun and the beach, when in reality I get sun allergies and my super pale skin gets sunburnt in no time. Hailing from a small island-like town, I grew up next to the sea, my respect and admiration for the ocean is immense, but even though I am a summer-born kid, I hate the heat and overly packed beaches, that’s also a reason why I prefer winter swimming and sea sports.

Being a blogger, one seems to ‘have to’ conform with the seasonal fashions and colors. Not me. Since I can remember myself, I was the odd one out, the kid dressed in black wearing Doc’s during summer time and 60 SPF sunblock, so if you are like me, let’s wear our black lipsticks, shades and black hats and hang out together at the empty pool as the sun is setting. After all there are no pinks and corals in MY summer 😉

I chose a maxi dress and paired it with my favorite crop top from Black Sanctuary. This design was love at first sight, as I appreciate the twofold irony of this shirt.

I’m still not sure about what raises more brows, my black lipstick in the summer or my satanic boobs top?




Maxi dress: BOOHOO 

Satanic boobs crop top: BLACK SANCTUARY


Ankle boots: PUBLIC DESIRE

Hat: Thrifted




I hope you darklings are having a great summer, and don’t forget to keep away from the sun 😉


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