Nostalgia in Erfurt


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Schedel_erfurt nuremberg chronicle 1493(Erfurt, woodcut from the Nurnberg Chronicle, 1493)

    Having the opportunity to visit the greater area of Thuringia many times, my partner and I couldn’t resist Erfurt’s seductive calling…Being the metropolis of Thuringia and a city of historic past, Erfurt is a remarkable gem, full of architectural beauty scattered around it from the Middle Ages up to today, with the Gera river flowing through the city, creating an idyllic scenery for the passers by to admire.

Admittedly, strolling through the city, thinking of all those robust personae who have walked the same paths before me, gives me goosebumps. I’m almost feeling like I will bump into Luther, Wolfgang von Goethe or J.S. Bach in one of those narrow streets, mind full of music, hurrying, hands full of partitures and notes, disregarding the intricate surroundings…

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First thing we see as we start our wandering, is the Erfurt Dom, the more than a thousand year old gothic cathedral of the city. Though as you may already know, I have no belief or connection to the christian faith, I always marvel at the beautiful church architecture and other artistic creations derived from the love and passion of their makers.

As we walked towards the entrance, we noticed that the front side of the church was full of branches, and construction workers were building up a stage, for what would be a theatrical performance of W. Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, as I found out later. If only we had the time to see this play!

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The city has managed to maintain old, even medieval houses, bringing them harmonically together with modern buildings. There are many small shops selling antiques, coins, vintage art and very old books. As an avid antiques and book collector, I couldn’t refrain from entering one of those antique shops, and a world of treasure unfolded before my eyes…

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With so many antique books around me, I couldn’t resist not to buy something, I will show you the spoils on another detailed post. If you’re wondering about the shop, it’s called “Nostalgie am Markt” (Marktstr. 52, Erfurt) and its owner, a polite senior gentleman even let me scavenge around and take as many pictures as I wished.


IMG_9870 copyBernd, das Brot- (Bernd- the Bread): The grumpy and depressed cult character and mascot of the German kids TV channel KI.KA

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After satiating our exploration needs, without making it to the Old Synagogue as it was closed that day, we went forth to take care of our actual hunger. The path brought us to the “Wirtshaus Christoffel”, a medieval restaurant full of armours, knights and peasants, where we filled our krugs with delectable cellar beer and enjoyed mouth watering delicacies, prepared for us like in the Middle Ages. The beautiful songs of Dead can Dance and Loreena McKennit were playing, creating a dreamy atmosphere and our waiter was even using medieval German expressions to refer to things, something that would bring the guest to an imaginary medieval tavern, setting the mood for drinking and assorted debaucheries.
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Tune of the Day: Dead Can Dance- Spleen and Idealfiligree-dOWN

IMG_9894 copyOwnership titles of the restaurant: As you can see, this tavern goes way back…
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    Somewhere here my adventure in beautiful Erfurt ends, I hope I could drag you with me to its mystifying atmosphere. Let us meet in the streets…


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