Only dead fish go with the flow

dead fish double


“If you decide to just go with the flow, you’ll end up where the flow goes, which is usually downhill, often leading to a big pile of sludge and a life of unhappiness. You’ll end up doing what everyone else is doing.”


If you believe in what you do, you must fight for it until you accomplice it, until you succeed. Conformity to what others think is normal and acceptable is your spiritual death. Many times it’s hard or even just tiring to stand up for what you believe, even if it’s a small, seemingly unimportant detail. Well it’s not as trivial as it seems. Personally I place a lot of importance in details, because those small things change the bigger picture dramatically. Through the years I have discovered how important colours and aesthetics are for me, and I’m trying to shape my everyday life according to them, from my personal space, the way I look, and in extension on my character and opinions. You can go with the flow if it fits to you, but only dead fish follow the stream all the time. From your personal features and the decorum you choose (even if it’s the simplest thing, your stylistic choices, or your crazy hair, modifications or lack thereof) to your behaviour, personal choices and opinion, be genuine, be true even if not everyone around you agrees and likes it.

I don’t need to be of the same opinion and taste to appreciate someone who is unapologetically themselves. This planet needs more genuine and different people. Be one of them.

IMG_9431smallIt may be end of June, but here in Germany it’s still cold and rainy, so I chose this fluffy collarless jacket to keep me warm


IMG_9580 small



Fluffy jacket: AMISU (old)

Racerback tank top: HELLSFINEST CLOTHING here

(use code GREENPROQUO for 10% off of your purchase)

Plaid skirt: FBSister via New Yorker

Heart print tights: H&M similar here or here

Shoes: Spiked Litas


Cat bag: H&M sold out, similar here or here


xx, calligraphyc signature smallest


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