Some Girls Wander by Mistake

     It is remarkable how fast time passes by for me in this period. Realising how long it was since my last post really surprised me. But time off was needed, now more than ever as I had to recollect myself and start anew.  I’m starting this new year trying to be more positive, despite the non- stoppable curveballs that life has thrown me so far.

But, the most important thing, what I want you to know dear reader, is that one should never give up. And trust me, I know that sometimes life is an uphill battle but we should always fight. After all there are so many things worth living for. Our loved ones, art, creation, music, so many different things that make this rock into a nice place. Shoot, I deviated again, this was supposed to be an outfit post and I started going deep… But I can’t help it. Physical things, fashion, makeup are all things I enjoy, but these are beautiful extras in my world. After all, this blog wouldn’t be authentic without a personal piece of my mind.

The outfit I’m wearing, has pretty much been my “uniform” in this time, as lately I was in no mood to wear anything extravagant. So I am keeping the outfit simple by wearing my thick high-waisted leggings and this most awesome tee that GOTHICAT was kind enough to send me, because let’s face it, what’s better than cats, good music and puns? I am in love with all of their designs, as they managed to incorporate cats to the artwork of bands I love. (Some of my favourite designs from them are: Meow Division, Einsturzende Meowbauten, Cathory and of course Kittens of Mercy, the shirt I’m wearing in this post).

This coat I am wearing has saved my life during the wintertime, as it is very warm, and the faux fur detail adds a note of elegance to an otherwise casual look. And since I have been keeping my clothes simple, I have decided to accessorise with a chunky statement necklace, my Bat wing boots and my favourite bag in this period, which already has visible signs of wear as I drag it along everywhere I go.

I love the fact that the bag is structured and it has such an awesome embossed design. Wearing it pushes me to put some effort in my outfit, so you won’t see me out wearing my pyjamas when I’m holding this gem.(it has already happened twice in this period, and for that I apologise first and foremost to myself 😛 )

For 2017 I didn’t really think about a “new year’s resolution” but I have decided to take my time, and allow myself to do things one day at a time instead of stressing out as I often do. And what about you? What are your goals for 2017? And do you have an outfit that you call your “uniform”? Specific wardrobe pieces that you wear when you’re unsure?


“Kittens of Mercy” tee: GOTHICAT here

High waisted leggings: FOREVER 21 (similar here or here)

Fat fur coat: NEW LOOK here (or similar here or here)

Chunky chain necklace: MANGO (old), similar here or here


Bag: KILLSTAR here

Shoes: Bat Royalty (IRON FIST) here

Sunglasses: ZEROUV here

Tune of the Day: Heartland- Sisters of Mercy



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      February 28, 2017 / 16:51

      Love you <3

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