Soul like Storm

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Do you ever get one of those days when you’re totally overwhelmed and feel that your emotions are fighting to burst out? Like a storm that’s slowly brewing… Well that’s how I feel right now, the pendulum’s moving: On the one side my dreams, goals , the will to conquer the world and on the other one uselessness, futility: What if I put my effort to do what I want? Will I achieve it? If I will, does it even matter? And If I don’t why even bother to ? Thoughts like this going on and on, in loops in my head. Now more often than ever before. IMG_9336_2 copy


Where is the point? The meaning? The solution? Then I realise it’s this: Let the storm burst out! All this power and energy, make it something beautiful. CREATE! It’s the only way to be immortal.

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IMG_9324 copy

IMG_9328 copy

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Biker Jacket: UNIF ( via EDITED)

‘Storm’ Dress: DISTURBIA here

Over the knee boots: PUBLIC DESIRE here

‘Namesake’ pack: UNIF here

Rings: LA CERISE here

Double waist belt: old

Shades: WOLFNOIR here

bw green

Which is your creative outlet, your “Storm”?


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