Szandorian Blues

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A weather non compos mentis has been my latest companion, but finally it seems like the Sun decided to stay a bit longer than its previous hasty visits.

With so many projects at hand, I’m biding my time for the vernal equinox, so I can do what I love doing the most -after performing Music-, travelling. As Time closes in I’m getting more and more eager and impatient, like a little kid upon christmas eve.

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Anxious to complete the projects now running – with the ironic thoughts that I will either have a multitude of things on my plate, or I will be in a state of complete stasis- and looking forward to the new adventures that will unfold. I will try to document as much as possible in photos and video for your pleasure, but I can’t hide that I’m also anticipating these moments when I’ll be alone with my loved one, without any modern day commodities and electronic devices.IMG_4796 copy


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Anton Lavey-Satanic Mass tee: DAMMIT TEES here 

Ripped tights: H&M

Lace shorts: Old

Flannel shirt: Borrowed from my boyfriend

Witchcraft clutch: DISTURBIA here

Hat: ASOS, similar here or here

Coat: Thrifted

Boots: EBay

Moon necklace: OSTEAL here

Dracula ring: FIEND BOUTIQUE here

Taxidermied goat tooth ring: LADYLOCKS CREATIONS here

Sunglasses: ZERO UV here

Cradle of Filth belt buckle: Official band merchandise

Pyramid stud belt: EMP here

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Tune of the Day: Right Wing of the Garden Triptych- Cradle of Filthfiligree-dOWN

“Say unto thine own heart, I am mine own redeemer”

-Anton Szandor Lavey


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