The Number Thirteen (Instagram giveaway)

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It was five years ago when I first met the Number Thirteen, in a conjunction. Music had always its substantial ways of bringing different people in my life. But my meeting with Thirteen, also known as EvK, is one of the most peculiar ones.

Years after, we met again, only this time, through the vast superhighway that is the internet, somehow unenlightened to the fact that we’ve met before, but nonetheless drawn to each other’s darkness.

Funny schemes of fate, you’d say? Possibly.

EvK is a talented individual, occupying herself with different forms of art. Among them photography, and beautiful ethical taxidermy jewellery making. She started THE NUMBER THIRTEEN back in the summer of 2013, and much like myself, she has a strange relationship with Luck, but I am sure you have already guessed that, right?

She made “THE NUMBER THIRTEEN” her business name, because as she says herself:” being unlucky somehow seems to chase me.  I always had this annoying attraction to bad things happening around me. And it kinda clicked. Instead of hating that aspect, I decided to embrace it in a way. To make something that is negative into something I can see as positive.”

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By reason of this fateful meeting, we gave organised together an Instagram giveaway, in which one person will win the ‘Sanguinem Porcos” blood vial necklace (depicted above, bones pictures are courtesy of The Number Thirteen)


How to enter: All you need to do is to follow @thenumberthirteen and me @absinthegreen on Instagram, and repost the giveaway photo from our profiles, using the hashtag #NUMBERGREEN ( More details about the rules can be found below the giveaway picture, on our respective instagram profiles.)

Click to visit the store:
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Good luck from us!


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