Woodland Dryad



So many ideas and projects unfolding in my brain late at night only to fade out with the first morning rays, as Reality barges in and Sorrow greets me once again with her familiar grin, sadistically kicking my sand castles.

Halloween is my favourite holiday, and if you follow me on my social media and watch my videos, you may know that normally I like doing different projects, like tutorials and giveaways during the Halloween month. Well, I hate using the word “normal”. Life happens and interrupts naively-made plans. But, I think you already got the gist of what I’m trying to say, it is what it is, so we are moving on.

img_0872small    Since I’ve been feeling unable to turn on the camera and talk to you, I decided to create instead, so I got dressed as a woodland Dryad, -an ancient Greek forest nymph- and with the sounds of my all time fairy-favourite Rasputina, I went to the nearby forest to enchant passers-by and snap some shots. I hope you enjoy how the pictures turned out, as it was the first time I experimented with smoke grenades in self photography. With that being said , I am indebted to my loved one and his lovely sister for their invaluable help in bringing this wicked little Dryad to life.








And as I mentioned above, Halloween is my favourite holiday so I couldn’t leave you darklings empty-handed. I organised a last minute giveaway and you can take part to win the beautiful Crescent Moon necklace from The Rogue and the Wolf ( Same with the one you see me wearing in the photos as a headpiece).crescent-moon-halloween

This giveaway is taking place on Instagram, and this is how you can enter:

-You have to be following me @absinthegreen

-Repost the giveaway photo with the hashtag #ABSINTHEGREENHALLOWEEN

-Tag your buddies in the comment section!

And that’s it!

If you have any questions about the giveaway, make sure to refer to the description under the giveaway photo on my Instagram profile here.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!


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